This is a WEDDING CAKE! What do you think?

This stunning wedding dress cake is truly food as art.  It is so intricately decorated that it almost appears wearable.  The bodice is designed simply with a few details while the skirt is covered in swirls, ridges, and calla lilies.  This wedding dress cake almost looks good enough to wear.

If you want a wedding cake this beautiful for your Portland wedding then make sure you choose the right wedding cake bakery.   Not everyone can pull this off!  Here are a few that we recommend for wedding cake yummies!

Cakes by Design
Phone: (360) 601-2697

Bliss Bake Shop
Phone: (503) 645-6000

Cupcake Jones
Phone: (503) 222-4404

Also, check out the Portland Wedding Workbook for tips, questions to ask wedding bakeries and more before you start planning your Portland wedding. 

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